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God bless Japan

 投稿者:Jeff Ku  投稿日:2015年 2月 8日(日)14時11分11秒 114-38-64-182.dynamic.hinet.net
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  Hi Brothers and Sisters in Christ

I'm Taiwan, I am a Christian too, I am very touched by the article 二〇一五年夏、私達日本は敗戦七十周年を迎えます。
This year 2015 marks the 70th year after second world war, I'm totally agree with that Japanese people should not continue to mistreat themselves in this regard "自虐史観"
I pray that the Lord of Jesus can free Japan from captivity. I love Japan, there is a very close connection between Taiwan and Japan. May the Lord of Jesus free Japan.
In the name of Jesus

Jeff Ku

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